Raising Voice for Visa Delays.

We believe all Kiwis highly value our family relationships. Yet the Immigration New Zealand office in Mumbai is creating long delays to process any application from south and southeast Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines and other countries.

This issue is affecting by 1000 of people who currently live in New Zealand because their partnership visa has not been allocated to a case officer.

This failure of the administration is affecting people’s lives and ripping apart families.

Delays to visa processing, which began last November still continues to separate families now, families which are waiting to reunite in New Zealand, including newly wedded couples and new-born babies.

Immigration New Zealand closed many offshore offices due to a 2018 restructure and has not hired enough staff to process the incoming applications. If this is causing the problem then the Minister must address this.

According to INZ, in the last five years operation to obtain a partnership visitor visa takes more no than 2-3 months.However people who are desperately waiting for their visa application are waiting to be allocated to a case officer for at least 6-7 months.

This long separation is heart breaking from a partner or family’s perspective, who are already in New Zealand waiting for many months.

INZ also fails to process student visas in a timely way, with some students waiting for 6 months without updates and unable to start their courses. Most of them must then consider going to another country like Canada, Australia, United States and affects New Zealand’s reputation across the globe.

All information available on official immigration website. https://www.immigration.govt.nz/new-zealand-visas Nzvisadelays.com is just raising issues about Newzealand visa delays.