Posted at February 13, 2020

737875 waiting days

Visitor Visa.

My partner has lived and worked in NZ for over 3 years, from Isle of Man.

Inz deleted his files in "Error". This resulted in job loss and him being asked to leave NZ by arrangement for 4 weeks, then to return as a visitor on uk passport and then sort out a more permanent visa. On his return he was stopped boarding his 2nd flight from Hongkong to Auckland. He was flagged as an overstayer by INZ.

He has now had to apply for a visitor visa. Beijing office was dealing with this but is now closed for Coronavirus. My partner has been away for 4 months. Emotionally and mentally this is a huge struggle but the financial side is huge. I am supporting our home and child in NZ as well as supporting my partner with hotels and daily living costs.

I no longer know what to do to resolve this issue.

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