Nz Visa Delays Protest in Auckland on 3rd August 2019

Posted at July 29, 2019

Almost 12k applications waiting for a decision as of July 18, 2019. According to INZ, it might take 4 to 7 months to have a decision.

People who have applied in November December last year are still in the queue waiting for their visas to het processed. Even the increased time frame given officially by INZ has been elapsed.

There is no sign of hope, it’s really frustrating and unimaginable terrible experience which the couples who are facing it can only understand. 

There is no official update on partnership visas at all.

We need to be united together and face it together not just the once who are facing but also the ones who has gone through this terrible experience or about to. 

Let meet up at 9:00am this Saturday at Aotea Square to show the unity and withdraw government attention. 

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Hi my name is Harveen. I belong to India but my husband is in NZ as a permanent resident. i have already file my partnership based visitor visa file and its been more than 4 months but we could not get any case officer yet it is actually so disgusting and harassing.


Hi my name is gagan i have already file my wife’s partnership based visitor visa and its been more than 3 months but we could not get any case officer yet it is actually so disgusting. 

Rushang patel

Hi guys , 

I have put my wife file on 28 th April there no result came yet , just want to ask is there any further action we should take on them please let me no .

Zalak patel

I submited my husband's file 18th march but still not getting reply from immigration......